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K&D Aviation has extensive experience in the aviation sector. We have successfully delivered on many projects for discerning clients with very specific requirements, timetables, and budgets. K&D’s in-house resources are a huge benefit to our clients who appreciate the convenience that comes with dealing with one company and fewer points-of-contact throughout the process.


We maintains a fleet of aviation assets to provide industry-specific skills and knowledge that we are proud to offer. Our pilots and ground crew team are specifically trained in pipeline and power grid infrastructure.  No matter how complex your needs, all of our team members are well-versed in the design and construction implications dictated by safety requirements for working on an operational airfield.

K&D Aviation Logo

K&D Aviation pilots and crew are experts when it comes to the latest safety, procedural, and technological advances and therefore ever-ready to handle:

  • Aerial Inspections

    • Aerial Power Line Patrol

    • Aerial Pipeline Patrol

  • Advanced Inspection Optics

    • High-Resolution Imagery

    • Infrared Imagery

    • Video Flight Recordings

  • Modern Planning & Inspection Capabilities

    • Comprehensive Inspection Reports

    • LineGuide Certified Inspectors

K&D Helicopter
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