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K&D Construction is a specialty foundation contractor serving the utilities market with a full suite of construction foundation services.  K&D Construction’s considerable bonding capacity, modern drilling rigs, and top notch safety program enable delivery of the largest projects safely, reliably, and environmentally consciously. 


From preparation to project management, K&D Construction offers services that cover all aspects of complex foundation and construction projects. From general commercial development to specialty projects, we get the job done without the need for sub-contractors or outside project managers. On jobs big and small, our clients appreciate the convenience that comes with working with professionals who understand their specific needs and act as a liaison to keep processes moving smoothly and efficiently

K&D Construction Logo

K&D Services specializes in all aspects of foundation work needed for construction projects big and small. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Management

  • Site Preparation

    • Drilling

    • Hydrovac

    • Excavation

    • Dirt Work

    • Ground stabilization

    • Compacting

    • Rock removal

  • Vegetation Management

    • Right of Way (RoW) restoration

    • Tree and brush clearing

    • Hydroseeding

  • Safety & Security

    • Fencing

  • High Voltage Substation

    • Station electrician services

    • Foundation work

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